Choose Love (Netflix)

Guide by cetrata93  

Choice 1: Good News Or Bad News. Both lead to Choice 2 and affect the lead up to Choice 3.

Choice 2: Throw Game or Go for Kill. Both lead to Choice 3.

Choice 3: Defend Yourself or Shake it Off. Both lead to Choice 4.

Choice 4: Yes to Lunch or No to Lunch. Both lead to Choice 5 but Yes to Lunch adds a scene after Choice 5.

Choice 5: Go Easy or Let Him Have it. Both lead to Choice 6 if No was selected as Choice 4 or Choice 31 if Yes was selected at Choice 4.

Choice 6: Play it Safe or Tell the Truth. Both lead to Choice 7 with the dialogue leading up to it varying.

Choice 7: Keep it Business or Overshare. Both lead to Choice 8.

Choice 8: Record with Rex or Go to Jack's Event. Record with Rex leads to Choice 9 while Go to Jack's Event leads to Choice 29.

Choice 9: Don't Go or Go With Rex. Both lead to Choice 10.

Choice 10: Turn On Light or Search Trunk. Both lead to Choice 11.

Choice 11: Mention Jack or Don't Mention Jack. Both lead to Choice 12 with Paul either knowing or not knowing about Jack.

Choice 12: Jack, Rex, or Paul. They all lead to Choice 13 with the path then diverging depending on the choice made for Choice 12.

Choice 13: Quit or Take Raise. Both will lead to either Ending 1 if Paul from Choice 12 was selected, Choice 14 if Rex was selected, or Choice 24 if Jack was selected.

The dialogue will also change depending on whether Quit or Take Raise was selected (all 3 routes), whether Record with Rex or Go to Jack's Event from Choice 9 was selected and if Jack was mentioned to Paul in Choice 11. (The latter 2 applying to Rex and Jake's choices from Choice 12 only).

Choice 14: Truth or Dare. Both lead to Choice 15.

Choice 15: Dance Ballet or Reveal Tattoo. Both lead to Choice 16.

Choice 16: Sing or No Way. Sing leads to Choice 21 while No Way leads to Choice 17.

Choice 17: Protest with Jack or Gig with Rex. Protest leads to Choice 18 (or Choice 33 if Paul knows about Jack) while Gig leads to Choice 19.

Choice 18: Fight for Paul or Let Him Go. Fight leads to Ending 2 while Let Him Go leads to Ending 3.

Choice 19: Call Paul or Don't Call Paul. Both lead to Choice 20 if No Way from Choice 16 was selected or Choice 22 if Sing was Selected with Paul not in Vegas (triggered by accessing Rex's route Choice 12). Calling Paul if he is in Las Vegas (accessed by choosing Jack at Choice 12) will instead lead to Choice 28 and not calling Paul if he's in Las Vegas leads to Choice 35.

Choice 20: Go With Rex or Don't Go With Rex. Go with Rex leads to Ending 4 while Don't Go leads to Ending 5.

Choice 21: Perform with Rex or Protest with Jack. Perform leads to Choice 19 while Protest leads to Choice 18 (or Choice 33 if Paul Knows about Jack).

Choice 22: Invite Paul or Don't Invite Paul. Both lead to Choice 23.

Choice 23: Wild Look or Elegant Dress. Both lead to Ending 6 if Paul was Invited from Choice 12, Choice 20 if Paul wasn't invited and was accessed through Rex's Route, or Choice 35 if accessed through Jack's Route.

Choice 24: Silly, Sexy, or Serious. All lead to Choice 25.

Choice 25: Protest with Jack or Perform with Rex. Protest leads to Choice 26 (footage varies depending on whether Jack knows about Paul) while Perform leads to Choice 19.

Choice 26: Paul or Jack? Paul leads to Ending 6 (footage is slightly different) while Jack leads to Choice 27.

Choice 27: Just Cami or Jack and Cami. Just Cami leads to Ending 7 while Jack and Cami leads to Ending 8.

Choice 28: Marry Paul or Don't Marry Paul. Both lead to Choice 23 and plays out as if Paul was either invited or not.

Choice 29: Starter Bid or Buy it Outright. Both either lead to Choice 30 if Jack doesn't know about Paul from Choice 31 or Choice 32 if Jack knows about Paul.

Choice 30: Omit Paul or Reveal Paul. Both lead to Choice 10.

Choice 31: Mention Paul or Don't Mention. Mention Paul leads to Choice 6 while Don't Mention leads to Choice 34.

Choice 32: Confess Feelings or Don't Go There. Both lead to Choice 10.

Choice 33: Yes Paul or No Paul. Yes Paul leads to Ending 9 while No Paul leads to Ending 3 (different footage).

Choice 34: Kiss Him or Don't Kiss Him. Both lead to Choice 6.

Choice 35: Go With Rex or Return to Jack. Go With Rex leads to Ending 4 while Return to Jack leads to Ending 10.

After you get an Ending, you are given the Choice to go back to one of 2 or 3 predetermined points to try the other option.

Find Happy Endings of all 3 Suitors and you will get a Bonus Cutscene and then it leads to the Credits.