Contradiction is the first fully interactive, all-video murder mystery adventure game. Everything you see is live-action video, with real actors in atmospheric locations. You decide where to go, where to investigate, who to speak to and what to ask. As the story unfolds you'll meet new people, witness new events and discover new places.

(description from the iTunes App Store Page)

Release: January 2015

Developer: Baggy Cat/Pneuma Films

Publisher: Baggy Cat/Pneuma Films

Type: Mystery

Platforms: Mac OSX, Windows 7


Title One
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Actor Paul Darrow (Paul Rand) is best known for his role as Kerr Avon on the British science fiction television series Blake's 7.

If you get stuck or need help, visit our Contradiction Hints Page.

Available on Steam for Windows and Mac. The iPad version has been discontinued.

Visit the Developer's Website or the Contradiction Production Blog. The original Kickstarter page can be found HERE.



Great cast/acting/gameplay.

Inspector Jenks..... Rupert Booth

Paul Rand..... Paul Darrow

Rebecca Rand..... Melanie Gray

Ryan Rand..... John Guilor

Directed by..... Tim Follin

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