Having treated the victims of a chemical attack in the totalitarian state of Kindar, Dr Amy Tenant is a leader in the advancement of Nanocell Technology. Now, in London, news breaks of a blood-vomiting civilian whose identity is far from coincidental. Reunited with an old friend, Amy is trapped in an impenetrable HQ of laboratories – a womb of scientific advancement with a perilous secret.

Release: March 31, 2020

Developers: Wales Interactive, Good Gate Media, Little Jade Productions

Publisher: Wales Interactive

Type: Choose-Your-Path

Platforms: iOS, Mac OSX, PS4, Switch, Windows 7+, Xbox One


For every decision you make, every interaction, your character's personality is being tracked. Decisions lead you to one of eight endings.

Includes a "Pause Choices" option for improved audience participation during live streams.

Purchase for iOS / PS4 / Xbox One / Switch / Mac / Windows.

Video footage from the game has been edited together to create a non-interactive feature film called The Complex: Lockdown. Rent or Buy from Apple TV.

Visit the Official Website for more information.

Dr. Amy Tenant..... Michelle Mylett

Nathalie Kensington..... Kate Dickie

Dr. Wakefield..... Al Weaver

Clare Lee..... Kim Adis

Directed by..... Paul Raschid

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