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Indie game developer Paul Franzen recently released an FMV game called A Stranger Comes Calling which examines the anxiety and social unease that comes with answering the door when a stranger rings. It sounds serious, but it's actually a funny and endearing game that finds absurdity in the mundane.

FMV World interviewed Paul and we discussed his forthcoming game projects, social anxiety, and creating an interactive film on a budget.

  ➡  A Stranger Comes Calling (Interview)

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The DRAGON'S LAIR MOVIE Pitch is Funded on IndieGoGo

We're now that much closer to a Dragon's Lair theatrical movie! (Via IndieGoGo).

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YOOMURJAK'S RING Now Available for iOS

The point-and-click FMV adventure "Yoomurjak's Ring" is now available for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different).

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