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Missing: An Interactive Thriller is a new game for iOS that plays like an interactive crime television show. In this first episode, you will use wit and strategy to help the characters progress in the story. Missing features 45 minutes of live-action FMV that moves seamlessly from puzzles to quicktime events without ever breaking the continuity of the film.

Missing: An Interactive Thriller is available for only $1.99 for both Android and iOS.

Visit our Missing Game Info Page and check out the Launch Trailer.


UPDATE: "Five Minutes" and "Hunch" added to the Online Games Section

Check out the interactive zombie film Five Minutes then help solve the murder in Hunch.

"The Act" Removed From iTunes App Store

In a statement sent to FMV World, a Chillingo spokesperson said: "At this time, the developer React Entertainment is working to update The Act to support iOS 8. As such, Chillingo and React Entertainment has decided to remove The Act from the App Store until the game is compatible with iOS 8 devices."

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