Bitmash Labs has released a live-action interactive game for Android called Hero of Shaolin. This fast-paced game features plenty of martial arts action and, best of all, it's FREE! Check out the trailer here:

Hero of Shaolin is available for free download in the Google Play Store.

Visit the official website HERE.



Infiniti has an interactive film online called Deja-View that incorporates your telephone and puts the fate of the characters in your hands. Check out the trailer here:

Check out the website: InfinitiUSA.com/Deja-View/



The new Tex Murphy game known as Project Fedora has officially been titled Tesla Effect and will be published by Atlus. It will be available for PC and Mac in early 2014. Check out the official trailers below:

Teaser Trailer

Check out the official Kickstarter page for more information: Project Fedora



Sherlock Holmes is back and this time he's on Windows, Mac, and iPad. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is available now from Zojoi and features three different cases including Mummy's Curse, Tin Soldier, and Mystified Murderess. Each mystery is only $3.99 for Windows/Mac and $1.99 on iPad.

Check out the website for more information: Zojoi.com



Stay Dead is a brand new FMV fighting game for PC, Mac, and iOS. You must defeat your opponents by choosing your tactic (Attack, Combo, or Defense) then executing the proper button sequence with precise timing. Each fighter you face has their own unique style and, as a twist, each level was filmed in a different cinematic style. Extremely unique and well-executed.

Check out the website for more information: Stay-Dead.com



The arcade game The Act is coming to iOS (iPhone/iPad) this May.

The Act is a "personality game" in which you make decisions based on the body language of the characters around you.

Check out our interview with the creator of the game Omar Khudari.



Howdy Y'all! I'm really excited to officially announce that the arcade classic Fast Draw Showdown is now available from the PlayStation Store. We've completely redesigned this shooter from the ground up, so get ready to unholster your PlayStation Move motion controller and show 'em all who the fastest draw really is!

We're very excited for Fast Draw fans and those new to American Laser Games, to try out the PlayStation Move version of this arcade classic next week for $9.99. So grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and get ready for some real Fast Draw action! Also, available on the PlayStation Store is a free XMB wallpaper and a dynamic theme for PlayStation Plus users and a bunch of exclusive Fast Draw Avatars!

Paul Gold // Supervising Producer, Digital Leisure

Playstation Blog



Mod mastermind Ben Heck has made a portable Sega CD! Check out the video below along with the FMV intro to "Dance Central."

Dance Central


Update Via Joystiq.com:

More FMV is coming to the Wii!

Digital Leisure follows up the release of "Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack" with "Dragon's Lair Trilogy" for the Wii. The set includes "Dragon's Lair," "Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp," and "Space Ace."

Check out the website HERE.



Areograph has just released a special edition of Casebook that includes the entire trilogy for $19.95.

To an get an additional 25% off just enter code cbfmvworld25 into the shopping cart and hit 'update cart." The entire trilogy will now be $15.

More information at their brand new website.



We have the opening from "Panic in the Park."



We've got the intro for Madden 10 plus the new trailer for Command and Conquer 4!

Right now those brilliant Casebook games are only 5 dollars!

Command and Conquer 4: Cinematic Trailer

Madden NFL 10: Intro



This week's Cut Scene Theater features "Karoake Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore."



Cut Scene Theater returns with FMV sequences from "Resident Evil."



Trailer for the forthcoming FMV game "Darkstar" plus the opening to the new Professor Layton game.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box


Contest Update: Thank you for entering. The contest is now over.

Download the free Casebook demo here.

A big thank you to the good folks at Areograph for sponsoring the contest.


Update: "Casebook: Episode III - Snake in the Grass" is now available!

At last the concluding chapter in the Casebook trilogy is available. For those not familiar with the Casebook series, they are a brilliant update on the point-and-click mystery games we all love. The main difference is that Casebook features top-notch video production and photo-realistic environments that are seamlessly blended together for a more immersive experience.

We are huge fans of the series and recommend the free demo for those who haven't yet experienced it.

Casebook: Episode III (Teaser Trailer)

Casebook: Episode III (Trailer)


Update: TWIX Presents: "GET THE GIRL" (An interactive love story, sort of)

Help our guy get past Bruce, Francois, and his own big mouth to win over Deborah.

"SUZIE DOES WOODSTOCK" is an interactive movie on YouTube.

Help Bernie get the hot hippie chick.

Thanks to marshal99.


Update: All of our videos are gone. Time to regroup. We're on hiatus. We'll see you in our forums.

P.S. - FMV is not dead.

P.P.S. - Fuck Viacom.


Update: Cobra Command for iPhone

The laserdisc FMV classic is making its way to the App Store and has been revamped by developer Revolutionary Concepts to include new cockpit graphics and tilt-steering. This follows the recent release of "Space Ace" and the forthcoming "Mad Dog McCree." Could there be more to follow?

Via Joystiq

We've also got some new videos for you:

Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge DLC

Gears of War 2: Road to Ruin (Intro)

Xbox 360 NXE (Intro)


Update: EPK for "Return to House on Haunted Hill."

"Return to House on Haunted Hill" EPK


Update: "Dracula Unleashed" Trailer.


Update: We've got new videos including a rare promo video of "Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka" (submitted by MrNextLevel) and the intro to "Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000."


Update: We've got the intro to the new interactive short film "Project: Slasher" plus an interview with the producer of the film.